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Who knew there was even a National Kissing Day??? …and the day after Father’s Day – coincidence? I think NOT!【Paradise Picnic】 ハイネックサテンロングドレスワンピース/キャサリンロス(KATHARINE ROSS)
I’ve created a special card – and believe it or not – only ONE Stamp!!! “I adore you” is a sweet sentiment from the new Graceful Garden stamp set in our brand new 2017-2018 catalog (#143849, photopolymer, $19) AND I actually KISSED the card with my favorite RED lipstick! I stamped the sentiment with Basic Gray ink on Shimmery White cardstock and added a narrow margin of Basic Gray cardstock all around for the second layer. The card base is Real Red, to match my lipstick. I guarantee that if you give this card to your special someone, there will be some KISSING that will ensue!
So what do YOU have planned for National Kissing Day?

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