WHEW, I’m Here!

Well, in spite of myself, I am up and running.  This site might change over the course of the month, but I must start somewhere!  The good news is that my studio revamp is nearly done and I am preparing for my first in-house WORKSHOP!  woowoo!

Here are some previews of the “organized” areas –

Ink_pad_storage                                Clear Mount Storage


Buttons                                                   VINTAGE & Current wood blocks!

Yes, folks, this last pic is my WALL O’ STAMPS!

When I discovered Stampin Up I went WILD over the gazillion images available – thanks mostly to EBAY.  I have managed to get that bad habit down to a squeak now, and as you can see by my clear-mount storage, I have converted because it saves SO MUCH SPACE!  I can envision a time when I will release a great number of these stamps back to EBAY-Land and some lucky newbie stamper with the stampin-craze can win them back.  But.not.just.yet. <sigh>

More pics to be revealed over the next few days, and then the project reveal for my first workshop in Studio Stampalooza coming right up – Sunday, January 29th!

Until then….Keep Calm and Find Yourself a Rubber Stamp!

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