Pink Pearls and Envelope Envy

White Pearls can become custom colors with just a swipe of a marker.  However, the marker has to be alcohol based or other permanent ink. 

Here’s what happens when you use the water-based markers – at first it looks great, then it pretty much wipes right off!  I have a nice selection of copic markers and since they are alcohol-based, they work.  Sharpies would also work.

Another detail that I have just fallen in love with is an envelope liner.

I did a little research (no sense re-inventing the wheel!) and found a great little video by Mary Fish.  She recommends cutting a piece of patterned paper 4″ x 5 11/16″. Yes, 11/16ths.  It works perfectly.  Insert your paper piece inside the envelope, leaving just a bit past the flap.

Run adhesive or glue around the edge of the envelope flap.  Flip over and trim the excess off with scissors.  For a perfect fold, score the flap again on the original fold line.  Downside: you will have to add glue to the flap.  Just about anything will do.  I have seen a formula for making glue that you can brush on, dry, and then lick to stick.  I’ll try to find that and post at a future date.

Until next time…Keep Calm and Find Yourself a Rubber Stamp!

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